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Spill vase, English, porcelain, Hastings, England, American Ground, 4.5"t, c1835

Circa early 19th century English porcelain spill holder vase, probably Spode, England, “jewel” bands above/below a great hand-painted scenic panel of “Hastings, from the White Rocks”, dark iron red ground reverse panel, excellent scrolled gilt trim under flared rim, gilt trim.

4.5” tall, 3.5” dia.
Condition – overall excellent, some wear to gilt trim.     415h

- Last photo is an example of "spills" made with a plane. Spills were used prior to matches in the 19th century to bring fire from a fireplace fire to light a lamp or candle.
- Info on production of spills – Lee Valley sells a replica spill plane that produces spills (curls) that were used for transfer of flame from the fireplace to light lamps or candles. These spills were used in the 19th century prior to introduction and widespread use of the match approximately the same time as the introduction of kerosene as a lighting fluid.

- This scene is of Hastings, East Sussex, England and the famed white sandstone formations and natural harbor found there. The Normandy period Hasting Castle (1066) can be seen on the top of the west side of the hill/cliffs. This castle is overlooking Hastings and the English Channel. This view was of a time when Hastings was becoming a popular seaside resort town for wealthy Londoners. The open area on the painting is probably Tamarisk Town, later known as “American Ground”, getting the name from the use of the American flag by beach residents when they felt their freedoms at risk by local entities disputing ownership of the area. This sand beach had been a natural harbor that, in the 13th century, became filled with sand by various storms. With squabbles on ownership, the legislature in 1827 leased the land for seven years, then evacuated and cleared American Ground in 1834. The lower buildings seen in this painting may be the Leonard’s hotel, South Colonnade, Archway boundary with Hastings and other structures of St Leonards. This new town was designed and begun in 1828 by then famed London architect James Burton.
For info - 
- This painting/vase would possibly date to the beginning of the period of cleared “American ground”, circa 1835-40.

Spill vase, English, porcelain, Hastings, England, American Ground, 4.5"t, c1835

SKU: 415h
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